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"Instruction was clear and easy to follow, and the one-on-one time was perfect. What an enjoyable class! " - Amber, Rolled Candle Making Workshop Participant   
Why do I think you need this book?
When I began making beeswax candles, I read a lot of candle making books only to find they had very little if any information on beeswax candle making. Books on making products from bees were often collections of everything from candles to bath and body products. Again, they lacked extensive information specifically on beeswax candles. 

The more I made beeswax candles, the more I found to learn. At times, it was extremely frustrating and I often wished I had one book I could reference for every candle making question I had. I’ve since received many questions from people like you who are at the beginning of their candle making journeys. I want to provide you with the guide I wished I had when I was starting.

If you are a beginner beeswax candle maker, you DO NOT want to miss out on this value-packed book. Pre-order your copy today to get it hot off the press!

It takes time to create a quality book. Here's where I'm at in the writing process.
Candle Making 
The Finishing Touch
Let's see what you'll learn...
  • Materials: The important materials you will need to get started and why they are used. You'll explore some of the different options and variations available.
  • Methods: Different methods of making beeswax candles by exploring the practical use of the materials you've already seen. These methods and techniques are covered in increasing levels of difficulty, so it's easy for you to pick the best starting point.
  • Troubleshooting: If something goes wrong, our troubleshooting section will give solutions to a variety of issues you may run into while making your candles.
  • Testing: Not only is it a pleasure to enjoy your candles burning, it's an important step in candle making. You'll learn how to properly burn test your candles
  • Gift Giving and Packaging: Once you've conquered the basics of beeswax candle making, it's time to get even more creative! Get creative ideas on other types of candles to make along with gift giving suggestions and packaging ideas.
  •  Bonus Content: There are some great bonuses I'm keeping a secret until they are published!
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Thank you for taking the time to learn about my amazing new book!
I hope it makes your beginner candle making experience fun and much easier than mine!
Lisa Graham
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